Akadi, the Queen of Air, is the embodiment of the element of air and the goddess of speed, travel, and flying creatures. As an immortal being of freedom and travel, she teaches that her followers should move as much as possible from place to place.

Appeals to Akadi are often made for safe airship travel and for favorable winds. Followers of Akadi typically travel extensively, listening to the howl of the many winds, spreading the word of Akadi’s glory, and spontaneously choosing to act upon the interests of the moment.

Clerics of Akadi are said to be afflicted with wanderlust, typically partaking in “the great pilgrimage” which has no particular destination other than “not here.”

Despite its nomadic nature, Akadism has a headquarters in the city of Albeser on the isles of Vetram.

The Church of Akadi does not have many official holidays, and there is only one holy day of the order, which is Midsummer.

Followers share generally favorable views of other deities, though they find it perplexing that others would worship other “lesser” deities such as Ichiba. They consider other deities associated with the realm of air as healthy rivals and worthy of respect. They hold a high opion of Melora, and understand that her hold over the denizens of The Great Sea mirrors Akadi’s hold over the inhabitants of the floating isles.


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