Syrkuum is a small village in the eastern section of Sheenryn. Populated primarily by tieflings and gnomes, the village operates on a meritocratic system of governance. A leader is selected on the basis of skill with primal magic. This Primal Elder then serves until his or her death or voluntary retirement. If a villager wishes to challenge the current Elder for the position, he or she must first complete some manner of test to demonstrate that he or she is a superior wielder of primal magic.

Syrkuumites eschew flight, and view those that do use airships as possessing perilous hubris. They feel that the air is the privileged realm of the gods, and that any mortals who dare to impose themselves there risk divine retaliation. Instead, Syrkuumites advocate a life lived in communion with the naturalistic spirits of the jungles of Sheenryn. Syrkuum itself consists of huts that are set into the ground in small pits, a practice that its residents feel puts them closer to the fey spirits of the earth. Syrkuumites are far from being merely superstitious or simple, however. Their link to the natural world allows them to thrive in their jungle environment, a place in which few of the more “civilized” societies would be able to function. In addition, each villager, due to the spiritual connection with their environment encouraged from childhood, is a primal force in their own right, able to wield powers far beyond most commoners.

Syrkuumitian Drinking Game

Each participant sits in a circle and tosses scraps to the local wildlife. Depending on which type animal grabs the scraps, players drink according to different rules.

Wolf: Drink
Chipmunk: Females
Dickwolves: Males
Deer: Choose two to players to drink
Bumblebears: Start a waterfall
Snake: Play the lying game
Lizard: Tieflings drink
Bird: Feys drink


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