Crew of the Cloudskimmer

The crew of the Cloudskimmer comprises of the following individuals:


Brangaen Merrecke has the following sweet moves that help her teammates be super effective when ganging up on some poor fool:

Censure of Unity: +1 damage against a chosen target (Oath of Enmity) per ally adjacent to the target (gang up tactics)
Darkfire: until the end of next turn, target grants combat advantage to everyone (more gang up tactics)
Leading Strike: +2 damage against target for the next person to whack the same guy
Drow Ecclesiastic: enemy saves itself from a condition, incurs ongoing 5 poison damage
Divine Guidance: If you make a sucky attack roll against some bitch I really hate, you can try again

Varos Cloudstrider has the following sweet moves that help him take a beating so that his teammates survive longer:

Lay on Hands: A minor action that allows Varos to spend a healing surge to heal the target as if they had spend a healing surge (+7). This is a much more effect heal, but requires the target to be within range of touch.
Divine Sanction & Divine Challenge: Several abilities allow Varos to sanction or challenge a target. This marks a target and forces characters to attack Varos or suffer damage and possibly a -2 penalty to attack rolls.
Bolstering Strike: Varos’ at-will power allows him to gain temporary hit-points. This means that if he can repeatedly develop a cushion of temp hp to soak up incoming damage.
Radiant Damage: Many of Varos’ attack cause radiant damage, which could be particularly devastating to some undead or fiendish or evil characters.

Crew of the Cloudskimmer

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