As ship mechanic, Vermilio is frequently found frantically trying to repair the Cloudskimmer. When not working on the ship, Vermilio is willing to work on magical enchantments to better the equipment of the crew.

Vermilio, as a student of the arcane, is fervently anti-religion, and is not afraid to make his views clear, to the chagrin of the largely devout crew.

He has also shown extreme bigotry, turning on a helpful friend of crew mate Gus, due to her past as an unwilling subject in a necromancer’s experiment. This attitude has led to open violence among members of the crew.

Vermilio was last seen stepping into a portal to the Fey plane with his brother, who had come to recruit him for a war which had begun back in their home plane. According to Vermilio’s brother, the stayrs had begun to grow aggressive, and Vermilio’s technological expertise was needed to gain an upper hand in the battle.


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