Proprietress of Pim's Goods and Magicks


Pim has owned her shop in the west end of Semba’al for around five years now, selling magical trinkets, arcane materials, and minor potions to the people of Petrassa. A savvy and successful businesswoman, Pim has managed to make a comfortable living for herself, and she is generally well-liked by her customers.

Her shop has good security systems, including an alarm spell to ward the area against potential burglars. You managed to befriend Pim over a mutual suspicion of a local vagrant, and she seems generally friendly to you.

Rumor has it that Pim used to be a member of a pirate crew, and that she went into hiding when competition from other sellsails and pressure from law enforcement became too great. Brangaen witnessed her receive and deliver black market goods apparently related to the heir of Faenan.


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