Heir of Faenan

Necromantic Antagonist Hiding in the Shadows


This secretive enemy has been one step ahead of us as we attempt to help Capron the Wise on his investigation into the history of Faenan.

He commissioned the goblins of the Mogabex to kill us and retrieve the artifacts we recovered from Dig Site 3.

Later, we stumbled upon one of his lairs at the Lairtasian Tomb at Digsite 2 in Petrassa. We discovered that he has been using necromancy to revive members of the Faenan aristocracy, in some deranged attempt to add credibility to his claim of being the “Heir of Faenan.”

As part of his dabbles into necromancy, he returned a semblance of life to Val, who has joined the Crew of the Cloudskimmer, at least for now.

Heir of Faenan

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