Changeling Rogue


Gus, like many changelings, was raised in an orphanage. Gus was never adopted, and at the age of 15 the orphanage had been closed down pushing him to survive in the streets. Through the years Gus adapted to his surroundings and stole just so that he could survive. As time continued on around his 17th birthday Gus had attempted to steal from an ogre who had some gold stashed away. Unfortunately Gus was caught and in danger, until he met an elderly man, human, who saved him from the ogre. The human took down the ogre and took Gus under his wing, teaching Gus everything he knows about martial arts and weaponry. After 10 years has passed and Gus had came across an advertisement for ship work on the Cloudskimmer, he joined the crew and the many adventures that awaited him.

Since finding his friend Val in the Lairtasian tombs, Gus has taken his leave from the Cloudskimmer to try to aid her in finding out more about her past. No one knows if you will ever see the strange pair again.


The Skies of Velaris Gus