Lt. Erclas Gavreaux

Head of the Petrassan Scouting and Surveying 101st


Born into a noble military family in Petrassa, Gavreaux was always expected to follow in his father’s footsteps as the general of the might Petrassan Tactical Assault Forces. But life in the barracks was too stifling for young Erclas, and he instead chose to join the Petrassan Scouting and Surveying brigade out of his love for exploration. His high birth still guaranteed him a commander’s post in the S&S brigade, but he became the black sheep of his family for accepting a post in the far less prestigious branch of the Petrassan military.

As the head of the S&S 101st, Erclas investigates new regions of the world where the kingdom of Petrassa might find a foothold. His small band scouts out new caches of natural resources, uninhabited lands to which Petrassa might expand its holdings, and nations with which Petrassa could initiate trade or diplomatic relations. Lt. Gavreaux loves his post, not only because it allows him to expand the glorious kingdom of Petrassa, but also because he can travel the world, seeing things he never dreamed existed when he was a child.

Lt. Erclas Gavreaux

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