Captain Baelnog

Captain of the Cloudskimmer


Captain Baelnog is the head of the Cloudskimmer, the airship upon which you are all crew. Living life by the moment, he chafes under the strictures of bureaucracy, making him an ideal captain of a ship-for-hire. Though he works in a world often populated by undesirable folk, however, Baelnog is himself a dragonborn of exceedingly strong character. He has a shrewd eye for right and wrong, and he acts quickly and decisively for what he judges to be the good side of things, even at great risk to himself. In members of his crew, he looks for similarly strong senses of what is right, and recruits those that he feels are willing to fight for good, though he would never put his crew at risk against their will.

You’ve known Captain Baelnog for about a year now. In that time, even in the most dire of circumstances, he has maintained an energetic zeal that is almost infectious. Though he tries to only take legitimate jobs, he is willing to accept ones that are, as he puts it, “legally ambiguous” if they conform to his sense of justice. As a captain, he is authoritative, but not commandeering, and earnest while still remaining perceptive. You don’t know much of his past, but he says that he came by the Cloudskimmer after “winning it off of some thugs in a bet.”

Captain Baelnog

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