Xenophobe turned ally in Syrkuum


Akmenos is a villager of Syrkuum who detests creatures from outside his own village. Most of the villagers blame his xenophobia on the loss of his parents after an abortive attempt at peace talks between Syrkuum and the bullywug population of Sheenryn. After negotiations broke down, the bullywugs raided the village, stealing anything of value and killing Akmenos’s parents in a skirmish. Young Akmenos was forced to become self-sufficient very quickly following this episode, accounting for his considerable power as a shaman, which he developed over a life of hardship.

Akmenos was one of the few Syrkuumites that remained hostile toward you even after you convinced Telakosa to aid you in healing Captain Baelnog. When he saw that other villagers were giving you gifts to aid you in your quest to repair your ship, he angrily challenged Telakosa’s leadership, and set off on a formal test to attempt to unseat her. He promised to destroy the Temple of Exoden in order to prevent your party from using its powers to enslave Syrkuum, and to purify the island of the corrupting influence of the bullywugs purportedly inhabiting the temple ruins. When your party saved Akmenos and his allies in the temple, however, he repented and returned to Syrkuum without giving you further trouble. When you fled from the collapsing ruins back to the town with hobgoblins and bullywugs hot on your trail, Akmenos even stepped in to battle alongside you and the other villagers against them.


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