The Skies of Velaris

Wings of Djetur

From the research notebook of Varos Cloudstrider

As a disciple of Akadi, I strive to follow some basic tenets: travel widely, encourage freedom, respect the wind. So when we learned that the nearby Temple of Exoden was devoted to the quest of flight, my interest was piqued. It was clearly a sign from Akadi that our own quest to regain flight would lead us to a temple dedicated to the same purpose.

While neglected for centuries and currently inhabited by vile creatures, there was much to be learned from their histories.

It appears as though the Temple of Exoden was dedicated to an old god of flight, Exoden. I had not heard of this god, so I gathered what I could to bring back to Albeser when next we cross paths. It seems, however, the rest of the crew is intent on passing some of these religious texts to Capron the Wise.



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