The Skies of Velaris

Message Found in a Bottle

Grozztang Abbey, from The Skies

To my great Muodha, Yzzd, in humility and hope,

Forgive my forwardness in writing to you, Mother Abbess. I do not forget the conditions of my exile and if it were not for a terrible cause, I would not dare to trespass the terms of my punishment.

In my sojourn in the skies I have come across an unspeakable evil, an fearsome enemy to our Great Mother, Melora, goddess of life and death and keeper of the cycle of time. There is a necromancer in the skies. I have met one victim of his crimes against the cycle. He cut her life too soon, but then denied her the peace and comfort of her body’s reincorporation to new life. He has forced her to return and inhabit a body trapped in its current form.

There is nothing to be done for this poor body now, Mother, but I beg this of you. Grant me the power of a Leviathan Oath, that I might swear against this necromancer and avenge his depraved offenses against the sacred cycle of life. If I fulfill this oath, Muodha, I beg you to judge my own errors atoned.

I am entrusting this message to an enchanted vessel and sending it to the deep. I pray with all the life that is in me that Melora will guide it to its destination. May she do the same for us all.

Ever in loyal service to Abbess Muodha and to the Mother of All.

Brangaen Merrecke



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