The Skies of Velaris

A Carpet of Creepy Critters

From the Journal of Varos Cloudstrider, Chaplain of the Cloudskimmer

Mysterious Island, Day 1

What should have been a simple courier job has turned into a campaign of epic failures. We were attacked by a goblin vessel which managed to down our ship (though not before experiencing numerous casualties on their part.)

The fight was short but glorious. I, of course, believe we could have held out against their supposed “uncountable” numbers hidden below deck. But, it’s been a while since many of us had seen combat, and it was clear that we were still stretching our battle legs. It was by the pure mercy of Akadi that I didn’t fall to my death as I attempted to leap (in full plate mail no less!) from ship to ship. While the battle was over in a matter of moments, to our untrained senses I am sure it must have felt like nearly 2 hours.

Our ship crashed onto a small island, somewhere between our destinations. Praise be to Akadi for steering our burning vessel to the safety of land, rather than to the crushing maelstrom of the uncharted seas. While we are now on an island with limited provisions and few prospects for escape, I know that Akadi will soon open a way for us to continue on our great journey, as wanderlust is but one of the great rites expected of all of us.

Upon awakening on this new island, we quickly set upon our separate duties. Gus and I started looking for signs of civilization, and with no particular guidelines, headed west. We planned to return by nightfall, and attempt again in a different direction should we have no luck. Vermilio began working on the ship, though if he put a little more faith in Akadi, and less faith in machinery, we might not be in our current predicament. I should remember to discuss with him how fate can railroad us to our destination, and that he should put more faith in the deities than his own arcane prowess.

Herrat, as our best tracker, set upon looking for Captain Baelnog, who is currently missing.

What happened after Gus and I left in search of civilization is unknown to us, though I hope they achieved better success than we have. Our travel was incredibly uneventful and, frankly, quite boring. After a few hours, we had yet to receive any sign of town or village, and it was clear we would have to head back if we hoped to return by nightfall. As it grew dark, we could hear things skittering in the dark, and as we got closer to our base camp, it became evident that the skittering things were beginning to give chase.

It wasn’t long before we were running as fast as we could towards the downed ship. Next I knew, we were swarmed by all manner of vermin, each crawling, stinging, biting, looking for its next meal. Apparently, while we were in the forest, our crew found a new friend, as some frog-like creature was assisting in our fight against the critters. By the time the fight was over, I didn’t care what news everyone had. Our fight seemed to have carried on for nearly 3 hours, though surely it must have been over in a matter of minutes. As far as I was concerned, it was time to sleep, and any news could wait until tomorrow.



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