A blue sky and a strong wind

Airship over valley shrunk

A woman stands on a balcony high above the city streets gazing down on the people she governs. The wind is good in Velaris today. The trade agreement with Dortram has just gone through, and the revenue and traffic it will bring to the country are exciting prospects for Lady Thanas. If all goes well, the treaty will put enough extra coin in the public coffers to renovate the Forum tower within the next five years. As she looks out over the City of Spires, Lady Thanas sees a bright future.

A half-elf perches on the prow of an airship, distractedly plucking out a tune on his lute. The wind is ominous in Velaris today. The dragonborn raiders are satisfied for now, but Dellan knows that their greed will only grow with time. With parts of his ship in dire need of repair, the captain’s debt is getting harder and harder to pay off, especially at the cutthroat rates of the raiders. As the sun sinks beneath the clouds, Dellan plays a melody for an uncertain future.

The winds of fate are blowing in Velaris. What future do they spell for you?

The Skies of Velaris

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